TRU’s Holiday Toy List

Glad to see at least a couple of the smaller guys on this list.  Does make me giggle though that the Tabeo (by TRU) is on the TRU hot holiday toy list.  

Retro Toys Seeing a Comeback!

The Internet has helped to allow parents instead of Target or Wal-Mart make the decision on what types of toys they want their kids to play with.  This is a fantastic opportunity for those small companies making more traditional high quality toys with traditional play patterns.  I hope this means that we’ll continue to see […]

Could “Line” Soon Be a Real Competitor to FB?

The latest social media darling is called “Line.”  According to the company, they have 2.5B people on line and are now launching into the U.S. I’ve downloaded and set up a profile on both my iPhone and desktop, but sadly it found only one user out of my almost 6K contacts to add.  In trolling […]

Apple Gets in Trouble for Price Fixing eBooks

I think this gives publishers a little more power, however, most likely it will be long before Apple has an easy-peasy technological backdoor work-around that let’s them do what they were doing before.  And coming from a consumer perspective, that’s why we love them.  

Licensing Show 2013: A New Hope

Coming out of Licensing Show this June 2013, got me thinking about the future of licensing.  Now more than ever, I feel that only the strong will survive. Change was in the air this year, not only for me and my many friends and former colleagues delving into the entrepreneurial landscape and starting new businesses […]